Your body and spirit knows what’s best. After months of fighting a chaotic struggle I’m starting to feel centered. There are definitely different types of calm. The calm where outwardly your day is fine and you get along with your environment and then there is the sombring calm of depression which keeps you immobile and motionless but recently I have been feeling a tranquil type of calm which has me feeling inwardly satisfied and confident. It is not affected by external factors in the same way as other moods and without doubt has me feeling a centrality with peace. Everything will be alright I feel.

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around what could have manifested this feeling. Is it a creature of my mountainous climb of life? My intake of Cacao? Blueberries? Moringa? Less junk food eating? Even if it is not solely my change in diet I feel I’ve transitioned to a better place in my health. One thing I’ve seen affect my week is reducing time spent on my phone, I found myself utilizing it for 37 hours a week and this week I was down to 9.5. This has had a huge change in how my time is utiilised throughout the day and has helped me focus in reading and focus in general. I find myself even being able to do tasks I found mundane and procrastinate on previously. My thought clarity is amazing. I have less chaotic ramblings in my head and less anxiety because of that.

Having plants all around me all the time has elevated my mood and the more they grow the more I grow. Sometimes I feel there is a pseudopsychic connection between me and the greenery in my living space. The positive nature of helping living things live must have a positive affect on the psyche surely.

I feel like my body and spirit have been my guide with the feelings they project. Things seem to be carrying momentum and I can feel taking on greater things and incorporating them into my life. All that is around me is starting to flowingly connect as I naturally put the pieces together.