We/I fight nihilism everyday. It invades most of our thought space. The struggle is a part of all our lives and a reminder of our very existence. We are fighting a cosmic malevolent force on top of all our various daily issues. This is undoubtedly our greatest purpose. Human beings are born in struggle, born in strife, weakness, danger, fear and unknowing. Finding purpose and understanding in a completely unusual and unknowing existence takes bravery and true strength. We don’t even know who we are so understanding our enemy takes a miraculous amount of intelligence.

Yet here you are taking your gargantuan leap of faith, surviving, staying upright on the canvas while your thoughts try to collapse you. You can not a write a greater story or conundrum. Our sentience allows us choice in many dimensions. Mastering this magic will elevate us to new being and see us triumph over our own evils and even unknown ones.

My nightmares have always created cosmic horrors from my days as a child that are always intense but fade into my subconscious. The abyss of nihilism forever faces me traversing in each and every part of my life to haunt me. Sometimes I have to fight nihilism with Incense, food, meditation, prayer and music. At many times it could have stopped me on my path or annihilated any will to exist but it never has. I intend to keep it that way for I feel there is always a great journey ahead of me. I will not find answers, comfort, peace or love in a defeatist attitude. I have had many obstacles and challenges and overcame all. My desire to find reason in my voyage fuels my soul and greater expedition.

I curated content for this blog for many years and have recently seen it be destroyed due to unfortunate circumstances. It could have stopped me in my tracks but’s only pushed me to carve out a path to address a new problem. Also it has provided me with the opportunity to reset the story and write it in a different way. One of greater wisdom, understanding and beauty. Understanding the depth of how personal this is for me is a journey within itself and meaningful one. Such things can only strengthen my belief system and accelerate growth. There no easy paths in the gladiatorial arena.