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It’s 10 o’clock on a cold Friday night in an industrial area of the Bronx, New York. A line of people gathers in front of an auto body shop, where a towering bouncer asks for tickets and lets in groups of three at a time to be screened and searched for weapons.

Not the biggest fan of Supreme but I can respect this collaboration with Stone Island. It's hard to mess up on making a leather jacket and it helps when it's branded Stone Island. The rest of the collection is not bad either. The colour scheme feels very Stone Island but has a little bit of flair to it. Stone Island has a timeless feel to it and unlike many other brands has a consumer base that prefer air maxes and gazelles to jordans. However with the pieces being unique and not too out there make it accessible to a lot of people.

What makes Stone Island such a great brand is it's uniqueness and experimentation with different materials and ideas while being able to be grounded in who it caters for. This collaboration with Supreme is very similar to the Moschino x Palace drop. Not the biggest Palace fan either but Moschino is a brand that has also been around for a long time and saw a lot of its popularity before the internet era.

Obviously picking up any of the pieces of the Supreme x Stoney collab maybe difficult this week but if you do grab something it may well be worth holding on to it and yes wearing it. I appreciate good design and some things are worth the price you pay for them.

The Supreme x Stone Island FW20 collaboration will see a global release via Supreme's website November 19 in the United States and November 21 in Japan. Head over to Hypebeast for more details and pictures